What a year it has been for pharmacy! I have always been impressed by the sheer tenacity, bravery and diligence of our community pharmacy workforce.  You are trusted health advisors for hundreds and thousands of New Zealanders (free, no appointment advice!) You manage systems that allow you to dispense millions of scripts per year,  manage  $800 million of  medicine funding on behalf of DHBs as well as being active supporters of your staff and community. You are organised into great regional and local groups, with strong leadership. You recognise opportunity and react fast.  Pharmacy Today loves telling your stories and looks forward to help you blowing your trumpets at the 2017 Pharmacy Awards with our co-host The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand.  Take this opportunity, enter, tell us how great you or your team are.

Anna Mickell General Manager, The Health Media Limited

  The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand is again honoured to co-host the Pharmacy Awards for the third year in 2017. At the Guild we aspire to see the highest quality of care delivered to patients through community pharmacy in New Zealand and it is a privilege to be so closely involved with an event that celebrates this work.

Every year we continue to be amazed by the innovative and inspiring projects our colleagues have been working on around the country. We hear prime examples of the potential of our profession when enabled to work at the top of scope, when enabled to work collaboratively, and when enabled to invest in new and innovative service models for the benefit of patients and communities all over New Zealand.

Our health sector is continuously evolving as demands grow and new challenges are faced. Our health professionals must be commended for not only keeping up with this fast paced environment but also for finding ways to be more efficient, more effective, and more patient orientated.

The Pharmacy Awards are a valuable opportunity to celebrate how,not only our health professionals, but also their suppliers and partners, are going over and above, and thinking outside the box, for better ways to meet patient needs. This way of thinking, and of doing, epitomises the character of pharmacy and is thoroughly deserving of the recognition and celebration that the awards evening provides.

Start thinking about the value that your pharmacy is delivering to your community and how others can benefit from your learnings and expertise. We strongly encourage you to put yourself and your team forward this coming year and join us in celebrating our vibrant and innovative profession.

Andrew Gaudin, Pharmacy Guild Chief Executive

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