This award recognises excellence in community pharmacy, rewarding a community pharmacy that is well managed, innovative and engaged in the local community and the wider primary healthcare sector.



2018Feilding Health Pharmacy hasn’t let its rural location stop it from developing a model that puts people first, by providing quality care, as well as reducing additional travel and costs for patients. It all started in 2016 when several Feilding pharmacy owners decided to join their businesses together and secure the lease of a new pharmacy in response to local GPs merging their practices. The new business provides a comprehensive range of services, including vaccinations, warfarin management and free emergency contraception to women under the age of 25. Most notable is the work the company’s pharmacists have achieved in developing an innovative service through MidCentral Community Pharmacy Group to provide prompt treatment for children with dehydration caused by gastroenteritis. The judges praise Feilding Health Pharmacy’s business model for promoting a close working relationship with GPs, nurses and radiology staff at the local medical centre and local DHB officials.

2017Waimaukau Pharmacy, owned by Robbie Hanlon, takes pride in putting their patients and customers first. Their winning entry in 2017 highlighted how they redesigned their model of care and medicines management service, in conjunction with the general practice colleagues, to improve the patient experience while reducing overheads.

2016Led by Ian McMichael, Alice Madsen Pharmacy 547 believes it needs to be constantly re-inventing itself in a changing and challenging world. At the heart of everything they do there is the three A’s principal: making healthcare accessible, affordable and accurate. Ian, Alice and the Pharmacy 547 staff are aware of the need to provide integrated pharmacist services in the community. In the 2015/16 period Pharmacy 547 shifted to new premises where they established a medical centre alongside the pharmacy.

2015Unichem Buchanans Pharmacy, led by Gemma Buchanan, aims to empower Northlanders to have a great life through improved health. It specialises in providing mobility aids, sleep medicine, wound care and education for patients with select conditions. The pharmacy focuses on customer experience, its financial budget, a supportive team culture and alignment with the Unichem brand.

2014David Postlewaight of David’s Pharmacy, Whangarei, has now won this category for two years in a row. Treating each customer like a member of your own family is the aim at David’s Pharmacy. He places a value on traditional community values and treating patients as people. He also supports the surrounding community through the sponsorship of local clubs, schools and causes.