This award recognizes a fourth year B Pharm student who shows passion for the pharmacy profession and insightful ideas in completing an essay on a predetermined professional topic.



2018Renee Spriggs sees a bright future for pharmacists in 2025. She believes the transition to fully utilise pharmacists’ skills has already begun now with initiatives such as the Pharmacy Action Plan, and will continue in years to come. One of the largest factors that will change a pharmacist’s role is the development of technology and utilising this in the health sector.

2017Sonja Bimler, from University of Otago, wrote the award-winning essay highlighting how pharmacists are in a great place to improve immunisation rates in New Zealand. Sonja’s essay identified ways pharmacists can be a valuable in debunking immunisation myths and assisting parents to understand the benefits, and true risks, of immunisation.

2016The attitude required to reach current strategic direction in primary care needs to be innovative and entrepreneurial, and be harnessed early in professional development, according to Otago University fourth-year student Sophie Oliff. Ms Oliff's essay, Is Entrepreneurial Leadership the Right Prescription for Pharmacy suggests the future of community pharmacy must be to put policy into practice, embrace change, and adopt an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership to add increasing value to pharmacy as a profession, as a business and, most importantly, to patients.

2015In his essay, Auckland University pharmacy student Robert Haua says collaboration with doctors is key to pharmacists moving into more clinical roles. Pharmacists need to gain the trust of doctors through building relationships with them, if they are going to be sought out as medicines experts in the future. They also need to offer advanced services, such as warfarin monitoring and medicines therapy assessments, in order to build the trust of the general public in pharmacists’ skills and training.

2014Jilly Alexander of Auckland University Pharmacy School entitled her essay “Pharmacy: a polymorphic profession”. It describes the ever-relevant role pharmacists play in today’s healthcare environment. Jilly says pharmacists must continue to be innovators and to lead collaboration.