To win this award you will be a supplier of products or services that have made a difference in pharmacy over the year. You may have worked with your agency on a marketing campaign that knocked our socks off or your product training team reached far and wide.



2018Storbie created a platform that allows pharmacy owners to design their own website or online store and subsequently manage and update the site when there are business or product changes. The websites provide integration with point-of-sale systems and pick-up instore functions, as well as product synchronisation with leading suppliers. The judges commented that Storbie has produced a solution for multiple pharmacies to have a web presence which can be easily managed and would be beyond their normal resources to maintain. It can be replicated across New Zealand

2017Green Cross Health and Full Potential’s award-winning entry outlined the work undertaken in the development of two flagship learning programmes: the NZ Certificate in Retail aimed at dispensary and retail staff and the Stellar Leadership programme for owners, managers and team leaders.

2016Annette Smith, Pharmacy Wholesalers Russells and Noel Wright, ProPharma identified that the understanding required and time needed by pharmacists to keep up with the ever-changing market around Pharmac activities was high. They developed a tool to become the eyes and ears of the pharmacies to take the multitude of information and summarise it into an easily accessible, easy to understand format pharmacists could refer to when needed.

2015Douglas Pharmaceuticals accomplished a world-first when Medsafe approved its application to reclassify the erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil in October last year. New Zealand men aged between 35 and 70 are now able to purchase the treatment at a pharmacy following a consultation. The reclassification has made it easier for men to access healthcare, improved pharmacists relationships with their male patients and helped sildenafil gain a larger share of the ED market.

2014Douglas Pharmaceuticals team of Li Wolf, Jane Cronin and Jessica Charlesworth successfully launched the “Clinicians for Women” natural health marketing campaign. The team was driven by research showing women are the largest and most important target audiences for natural health. They divided the complex Clinicians range into four different lifestages; menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and common health conditions. Pharmacies were given laminated questionnaire charts which they could use with each customer. They were also given training seminars, brochures, a training website and point of sale material. The launch was a success with sales increasing 30% in the six months immediately after the launch and long term sales projected to continue growing as the programme matures.