As a passionate supporter of community pharmacists, Green Cross Health is proud to sponsor this award which recognises your innovation, creativity and uniqueness in delivering on a care and advice philosophy. Stand out achievements could include new services, how you have developed your pharmacy offering to suit the needs of your community, or the use of technology to drive people centred care.



2018Crawford House Pharmacy is a small medical centre pharmacy in Auckland doing big things to educate both doctors and patients on products that assist the fight against viral illnesses, and subsequently reducing antibiotic prescribing. During winter last year, the pharmacy team set out to teach their local medical centre GPs about the effect of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and issues around antibiotic resistance. The programme proved to be highly successful with Crawford House Pharmacy recording a large decrease in antibiotic prescribing and an increase of 824 per cent in natural health product sales over the three-month period, when compared with the same period in 2017. The judges are very impressed that Crawford House Pharmacy is addressing a very important public health issue in antibiotic overuse with demonstrated impact and implemented in an integrated and collegial manner with other healthcare professionals.

2017Working in a shared facility with a group of general practice staff, Diana Phone and the Waimaukau Village Pharmacy team, sought to improve medicine adherence in their rapidly growing and aging community. With the Pharmacy Action Plan and the New Zealand Health Strategy guiding their approach, this team redesigned how they delivered care. A stunning entry.

2016Mark Webster's knowledge of pharmaceuticals, together with his training in naturopathic systems through the Stay Well way and his professional connections with integrative medical practitioners, has put the patient at the centre of the consultation process. The Holistic Integrative Care in a Pharmacy Setting project aims to put the pharmacist in a core holistic role with patient wellness.

2015Martin Harris, from Massey Unichem Pharmacy, is focused on complementary medicines and nutrition. He not only delivers outstanding care and advice to his own patients, but is upskilling other pharmacists to do the same through his unique course, Nutrition Medicine in Pharmacy.

2014For the second year running, Colin French from Unichem Arrowtown Pharmacy took out this award. He created an automated system around wholesaler price and subsidy changes to his stock to ensure this valuable information was not overlooked. Colin learnt a programming language, rewrote the code step-by-step until the entire database he collated was in the Toniq system.