The role of the pharmacy technician is ever more valuable. This award seeks to encourage and reward a technician or technicians who are working to streamline work flow processes, improve safety, embrace technology or improve patient outcomes. Entries will be accepted by pharmacy technicians only, however those technicians working on projects with a wider group, where the role of the technician was critical to the outcome, should also consider entry.



2018Life Pharmacy Riccarton What would Kathryn do? This is the question colleagues and former students of Christchurch pharmacy technician Kathryn Rzoska often find themselves asking when they are in a tough spot at work. Ms Rzoska was one of the first cohort of pharmacy technicans in New Zealand to achieve the Certificate in Pharmacy Technician (Specialist) Level 6 qualification, an achievement that boosted her professional confidence and led to her becoming an NZMA tutor teaching pharmacy technicians in training. As well as tutoring the future generation of technicians, Ms Rzoska works at Life Pharmacy Riccarton in Christchurch where she puts her teaching skills to good use with patients with long term illnesses and those seeking health and lifestyle advice.

2017Betty Hyde from Unichem Beachlands Pharmacy, stepped well outside the job description of a pharmacy technician when she assisted pharmacy owner Claire Connor with the move of the community pharmacy business to a new site.

2016Dianne Gulliver, Sian Dawson and Kim Brackley of the pharmacy department at Auckland Hospital Pharmacy, introduced a ward-based pharmacy technician service at Auckland DHB. Ward-based pharmacy technicians (WBPT) have been shown to have a beneficial impact on the quality of medicines management within hospitals, resulting in a reduction in the time spent by nurses dealing with medicines supply issues.

2015Pharmacy technician supervisor Jo Batcup, of Christchurch Hospital has pioneered a new clinical service where community pharmacy technicians undertake medicines reconciliation for patients admitted to rural Canterbury hospitals. Ms Batcup’s project involves a trained technician carrying out the medicines reconciliation, which is then reviewed by a community pharmacist who resolves any discrepancies with the local GP.

2014After purchasing Torbay Pharmacy from its previous owners of 28 years, Sean Liew and Martin Harris devised a very simple dispensary technique to create effective rapport with existing and new customers. Instead of putting medications straight into paper bags they put them into baskets which removed a barrier to pharmacists having discussions with their customers. Following these changes, the pharmacy has successfully built rapport with its customers, grown its dispensary service and more than doubled its sales of natural health products.